Why Kids Global

Established in 2012, the group Kids Global in association with Gouri Education is one of the most innovative school brands in India. KidsGlobalis among the fastest growing school networks in the country today and by starting a franchise center, you will get a chance to join a well-respected educational network with 8 years of experience in the field of education. The Group has more than 5 years of experience in the Franchise sector. The key reasons for the success that our schools have achieved are its structured curriculum, focus on innovation, and strong commitment to delivering quality education with integrity. There are several advantages of being a part of our family, including -


  • Having access to a proven and successful format of operating the business that has been developed over a long period of time by KidsGlobal.
  • Teacher’s guidelines for curricular and extracurricular activities will be provided.
  • Regular academic meets / updates/ audits to ensure best practices / high standards.
  • Extensive and personalized support from an established educational brand resulting in a higher success rate.
  • Technology enabled services. Live updates on mobile phone for parents.
  • Using our brand name. An associate can save precious time, expenditure and efforts that are involved in creating a brand name.
  • Professional support provided by the team KidsGlobal that ensures the smooth running of business operations.
  • We operate in “No Royalty Model”, as we don’t aim to earn from the association.
  • International standard education and training at lowest possible cost.
  • Well researched and world class syllabus and study material.
  • Managed by experienced and professional, retired professors and teachers with good financial backing.

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