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Once the preschool has been set up, admissions are in place and children have started coming in, the most important phase is how to run a good preschool. Success of the preschool will be measured on how well the children have developed and how the preschool has contributed to the substantial learning capabilities that children come with during these ages. Children between the ages of 0-6 years have immense abilities to learn and the preschool has to ensure that the child is exposed to an environment that aids in this development. Kids Global brings to you revolutionary solution at the center of which is a child centric curriculum incorporating the best practices of early childhood philosophies and methods. The comprehensive solution also includes tightly mapped educational material, comprehensive teacher training solution as well as child assessment solutions to ensure that the child is provided with the best preschool education possible and the progress of the child can be measured objectively. The curriculum, materials, training and assessment components of the solution is explained in depth below.

To run a successful preschool, one requires a state of the art curriculum that covers all aspects of the child’s all round development. Kids Global has incorporated best practices from several early childhood philosophies drawing especially from the Montessori method (in practice), thematic approach by Dewey and developmentally appropriate models in devising the comprehensive solution. The curriculum emphasizes the key areas of development in the child in the spheres of Senso-motor, Personality, Language, Cognitive and Creative skills. Within each area, we have identified specific development objectives to be met for each child undergoing preschool education as part of our curriculum. The curriculum has been developed with inputs from early childhood educators, school owners, special educators, preschool teachers, Montessorians and more over a period of 2-3 years before it has come to fruition. The curriculum also gives a clear timetable in terms of what needs to be done throughout the year in terms of activities and themes. The curriculum is constantly evolving with new practices and procedures as we understand more about how children discover and learn in the environment.

With the curriculum in place, the next important question that comes to mind is how will the curriculum be implemented. In a preschool, one cannot teach with traditional mechanisms such as “Blackboards” or only through books or only through audio visuals. Children learn the best in a structured environment where they are provided with specially designed educational materials. Children work with these educational materials through a process of exploration and discovery. They learn by exercising their hands and senses, which in turn aids in their overall brain development. Hence, the curriculum is implemented through more than 200 materials which are an integral part of our curriculum. These materials are tightly mapped with our educational objectives. Since the materials have been designed keeping the curriculum objectives in mind, there is a tight connection between the materials and the curriculum ensuring that the objectives are met while children work with them. These materials are not toys, but are specifically designed educational aids which have specific learning objectives built into the way they are designed and used. We also provide all the furniture required in the classroom to display the materials like partitioned shelves as well as desks, tables, chairs, mats, art table, oil cloth table etc. that are needed in the environment for children to work with the materials

The success of the curriculum will be in its implementation. Hence, it is extremely important that the teachers are trained properly to implement the curriculum. Kids Global solution places a lot of emphasis on teacher training. The training content is deep and covers numerous areas like - Overall curriculum objectives, methodology, teachers roles and responsibilities, marketing for a school and more. The training mode is multi-faceted. We have direct training in person here at our school which is critical, online training sessions, and other modes. For every customer who signs up with Kids Global , a structured training plan is tailor made for that customer. A step by step plan for training is created so that every aspect of the curriculum is covered in detail. Apart from this our teacher training software which is provided along with the package takes care of almost every training need for the schools through videos, lectures, write-ups and more.

The fourth main component to ensure the success of the preschool education is proper child assessment. To ensure that every child meets the development objectives laid down as part of the preschool curriculum, the adults observe, record and assess. All of this data goes into our assessment software. The software has built-in benchmarks and other algorithms that provides the preschool owner and adults in the classroom on how each of the child is progressing, where the child’s strengths lie and where the child’s interest are. This also provides a backbone for a constructive feedback to the parents on the overall development of the child.

The first step in the process of signing up with Kids Global is to select the package. Please contact our sales team to know more about the package options available. Once you have chosen the package, Kids Global signs an Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with its customer which outlines all the services provided by Kids Global , and also outlines the roles & responsibilities of all the parties. After sign up, Kids Global will prepare a detailed project plan for every customer in terms of all the services that are required to set up the preschool. Our Academic team, design team and logistics team will be in touch with you to take care of your marketing support, design support, academic training & support and dispatch of materials to your place. Want to know more on how we help.

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