Beyond Academics

At KGS, we focus on co-scholastic activities for the all-round development of students. Our emerging student profile (ESP) put equal emphasis on knowledge, life skills and values. KGS goes beyond academics to ensure that we provide students sufficient opportunities for achieving the ESP.

  • Regular Events - We organize various events and celebrations throughout the year. The chief of them is the Annual Function. Sports Day is one another most important days in the school calendar along with the day of the Annual Function. Our schools celebrate many local and national festivals along with participating in international projects like Japan Peace Crane Project. We encourage students to celebrate Grandparents’ Day so that students and the school can pay respect to the senior citizens in the community.
  • Field Trips - Field trips are a popular activity for all students. No matter how old they are or where they are headed, kids love to explore new places with their friends. At KGS, we understand that any trip cannot qualify as a field trip. Good planning is necessary to ensure a successful and educationally relevant trip. Aims and objectives of field trips are to provide experiential learning (application of principles and concepts learnt for multiple subjects), holistic development (physical, social and emotional), and to enable formative assessment. Based on the expected learning outcomes, all outdoor activities/experiential programs are planned, designed and incorporated into the curriculum framework and lesson plans. Each school implements the outdoor activities/field trips as per their schedules. Annual outdoor activity /field trip plan is developed when the academic year commences.
  • Sports - Swami Vivekananda famously said, “Be strong, my young friends; that is my advice to you. You will be nearer to Heaven through football than through the study of the Gita.” Age-appropriate development of the body helps nurture a sound mind. In sports, we recommend football, basketball, volleyball, lawn tennis, badminton, and swimming (apart from indoor sports like table tennis and carom).

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